Privacy Policy

This visit to the website has:

  • No third party or persistent cookies (no cookies after your browser tab closes)
  • No browser fingerprinting to uniquely track you
  • No tracking images, pixels, or JavaScripts
  • No connections to cloud analytics platforms which would allow them to track you.
  • No embedded external images that would allow a third party to track you
  • Encryption
no cookies

Specific exceptions apply to our strict mode of operation:

  • The site may have external links. If you click on them and go to other sites, the other sites are responsible for their own privacy policies and we do not make claims about sites we link to.
  • In some cases, a video may be hosted by a third party provider. Their privacy policy would apply for views of that video.
  • Social media platforms have lots of tracking, therefore interactions via those social media platforms are subject to privacy policies of that platform. Since they record lots of information whether we use it or not, we opt to look at the stats those platforms provide.
  • If you contact us using the contact form on our website or explicitly fill in any information, we obviously will receive the information you give us. We may retain this information for a period of time.
  • If you purchase from our store, we obviously will receive the information you give us. In many cases, law requires we retain much of this information for long periods of time. We are exploring ways to reduce the amount we receive, reduce the amount of information banks and other E-commerce providers get, and ways to destroy the information sooner, but this will all take time as our requests are being considered unusual compared to other companies.
  • For the limited information we do get, we never sell it to third parties.

Doesn't this strict policy slow Paranoid’s company growth?

Yes, it probably does.

Why do you care about avoiding and removing data so much?

We are Paranoid, and our customers are paranoid. For more details, see our about page for our company mandate and related information.