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of internet users are increasingly concerned about their online privacy due to their own government



are more worried about their online privacy than they were one year ago



of U.S. households are estimated to be equipped with a smart speaker by 2025


"Turns out, I’m not the only one who wishes for a smart speaker that wasn’t always listening in. Paranoid, will serve as a way for you to have your cake and eat it too... have your smart device and cut down on its ability to spy."

- Brittany Vance / The American Genius


"Smart speakers are a great convenience. But as of late, a good chunk of smart speaker users have been worried about who is listening in to what they have to say... This is the problem Paranoid hopes to tackle."

- Nandagopal Rajan / The Indian Express


"It’s great being able to get tomorrow’s weather forecast, to set a laundry timer, or to discover a new recipe—simply by asking aloud. But, in exchange for that convenience, tech companies expect us to sacrifice our privacy... That’s when Paranoid comes in."

- The IT Nerd


"With smart home devices proliferating, the secondary effect of privacy is becoming a concern. While a majority of consumers are not paying attention to proper security practices when installing a smart device, unrest is burning in those who are. Paranoid is extra vigilant on disabling smart homes’ prying ears."

- Tom Li / IT World Canada


"If you’ve ever had a camera trained at a smart assistant for any amount of time you’ve probably discovered at some point that it’s woken up and listened to you without you asking. Usually, this is because it accidentally overhears wake words or something similar to them... Whatever the case Paranoid Home is betting that you don’t want it listening."

- Paul E King / Pocketables