Uniting Tech and Privacy.
Get Paranoid.

Mandate: Earn lots of money by increasing privacy, not eroding it.

Why Such a Bold Name?

It is literally time to get paranoid. Self-destruction by sacrificing privacy is not to be taken lightly. We believe that, so our company name should be appropriately bold.

Why Is Your Mandate Worded That Way?

We don’t pretend to be a charity, our mandate must be genuine. We are refreshingly transparent about our goal of making money, and it is the company’s aim in the market to do it by increasing privacy.

So why is this product important?

Technological change is happening faster than European and North American lawmakers can keep up with. We need to protect ourselves from Big Data in a concrete way rather than hope for new rules and the rules will be followed.

Who Owns Paranoid Inc?

Paranoid Inc. is a separate entity, and is an investment of the Pleasant Solutions Group of Companies.

Who Produces Your Commercials?

Pleasant Studios

How We Operate to Fufill Our Mandate

  • Earn trust.
  • Innovate.
  • Be bold.
  • Focus on those who care about privacy and features that don’t hurt privacy; don’t cater to users who don’t care or who want privacy-eroding features.
  • Accept that protecting privacy often means we can’t take the easy way, and that the easy way will always be a temptation.
  • Focus on products that increase privacy, to avoid diluting what we are known for.
  • Find ways to make protecting privacy profitable.